Next Event: 6th annual Burlap and Lace Marketplace June 24, 2017

Next Event:   6th annual Burlap and Lace Marketplace  June 24, 2017
Next Event: 6th annual Burlap and Lace Marketplace June 24, 2017

Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Forget The Word Need"

"How many times have you said to yourself, "I don't need that"?  You're at a flea market, and there's this beautiful old serape blanket beckoning or a crazy yellow chair that someone has painted with an even crazier image of Van Gogh or a little primitive landscape that is like the 20 you already have.  You circle around it, you hesitate, and then you walk away empty-handed, either feeling proud of yourself for resisting the temptation or kicking yourself for not indulging your desire for something that could have added a little happiness to your life.  "Need is a wretched word.  It holds us in bondage," says my friend and collector Gail Peachin, who lives in an old farmhouse in the Catskills.  "There is very little we need - food, a roof over our heads, a toothbrush, and maybe a good pair of shoes."  Most of the things I have collected all my life were certainly not necessary to my daily survival.  But if you stripped all those things away from your rooms, tabletops, walls, and floors, where would the color, sparkle, humor, fun, and creativity exist?"

- Mary Randolph Carter (author:  Never Stop to Think..Do I have a Place for This?)

Friday, July 11, 2014

~ Just a thought ~
Shop your local downtown shops, or at the
Artisan & Craft shows that will be coming up soon
for the holidays; you will find unique and most likely
One-Of-A-Kind gift items
 (let's all try and not shop the big super stores this year)

Upcoming stuff...

Haxtun's Town-Wide Yard Sale, Saturday July 19th
Rhonda will be having items for sale at her house
Stop by!!!! you may even find a few things
left over from Burlap & Lace
637 Fairview (Haxtun)
Junque Gypsies will be at Holly Daze (Holyoke)
Saturday, October 25th

Thursday, July 3, 2014

do you have a gypsy soul?

Gardening in and out of the box !

The heat is on, and it would seem that fear of frost is behind us..... so look for those unique items around your house, or at all the yard sales (Haxtun's town-wide yard sale is July 19th)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014